Dopey media

Another example of the shitty world inhabited by today’s pro cyclists. Both Asafa Powell and Tyson Gay – two of the fastest ever humans to run 100m – confirmed positive tests for PEDs yesterday. But the only doping story the world’s media was interested in is one that mightn’t even exist. Give Froome a break. He’s been awesome all year. It was no Landis-esque surprise to see what he did on Ventoux.



2 thoughts on “Dopey media

  1. Good call Pete. I didn’t even know about the other athletes that had tested positive. Cycling sure is still in the doping focus but for no other reason than something that happened by dickheads in the past.

    A few weeks back I won my first bike race and actually dropped the field considerably on a hill that hurts most riders. I am 44 years of age and still a little over weight. No drugs but training and hard work and on the day the body’s natural adrenalin levels got it right and at the right time. That’s me at my level against an evenly contested grade, so I am bloody sure that Chris Froome and other hard working clean cyclists are capable of doing the same at their level.

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