Trivia de France: Stage 15

Stage 15, Givors / Mont Ventoux

14 July


Well, well. Does it get any bigger than today for a French cyclist? 100th Tour. Bastille Day. Longest stage of the 2013 race. Summit finish on Mont Ventoux. Talk about prestigious. You can bet Voeckler and Rolland will have been eyeing this stage off for the last 8 months. If either of them can win, or another French rider for that matter, they’ll never have to buy another drink for the rest of their lives. Rest day tomorrow, so plenty of time to celebrate too.

The last Frenchman to win on Bastille Day was David Moncoutie in 2005. Charles Pelissier, Bernard Thevenet, Jacque Anquetil and Laurent Jalabert each did it twice.

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