Bring back the biff


In the lead up to Game 2 of the 2013 State of Origin series tonight, there has been much talk about the on field punch up between Blues skipper Paul Gallen and Maroons serial-pest, Nate Myles in Game 1. Regardless of where you stand on the issue of on-field brawling, few would doubt Gallen put one of the best one-two combinations on Myles, ever seen on a sports field. It was so good, in fact, Rugby League administrators have since changed the rules about on-field fighting in time for tonight’s rematch in Brisbane.


Which brings me to professional cycling. Because our sport has had its moments too. However unlike the earth-shuddering clashes between neanderthal behemoths on the football field, there are few sillier sights in life than scrawny men in Lycra slapping each other at the side of the road. Google it and you’ll find plenty of examples.

One of the best occurred at the 2010 Tour de France, when Spain’s Carlos Barredo (Quick Step) and Portugal’s Rui Costa (Caisse d’Epargne) engaged in a public slap fest after Stage 6. Both pugilists were handed fines of 400 Swiss Francs. As is plainly evident from the video, below, UFC it wasn’t.

I’m sure Messrs Gallen and Myles would agree, it’s best we all let our legs do the talking, not our fists.


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