Unsung heroes: Traffic Marshalls

They stand so we can ride, often in freezing cold, boiling hot or generally unpleasant conditions when frankly they’d rather be riding too. Yes, the traffic marshalls. Given a considerable portion of Australian club racing takes place (at best) on partially-open roads, they perform a tremendously important yet often overlooked role. They may look funny resplendent in their flouro yellow vests and lollipop stop signs. But without them that Kermesse you’ve been eying off for the last month wouldn’t even happen. Or, worse, could be rudely – not to mention dangerously – interrupted by a lost or belligerent motorist. Thank you, marshalls. Love your work.


One thought on “Unsung heroes: Traffic Marshalls

  1. Thank you Carbonaddiction. The only thing (apart from drivers who should be wearing big floppy shoes, painted faces and named Krusty) that makes the traffic marshall/controllers feel let down is small turnouts for races. Ah well. Clubs are always looking for more volunteers.

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