No looking back

Is it just me or are things getting more than a little silly out there in bicycle gadget land?

Dave B emailed the following advert which he saw last week in a SkyMall catalogue on a domestic US flight.

As he rightly points out: “The mind boggles at the thought as to why a rear view camera with display is necessary on a bicycle, but there is obviously a market for it!  Maybe for when you are backing up at the cafe? Or identifying repeat offending wheel suckers?”

I, for one, am quite glad I can’t see what’s going on behind me when I’m out riding. It would no doubt make for a far more stressful journey knowing just how close/fast/reckless the motorists behind me really are.

What next? Kitchen sink mounted on the top tube? There’s certainly not much room left on the bars.

You’ll be so busy looking at what’s behind you that you’ll slam into something in front of you.

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