When Strava just isn’t enough


By now you will know I’m a big fan of Strava. Essentially an ingenius amalgam of things like Google Maps, Facebook, Garmin Connect and the Boy Scouts (with all those badges to earn) I thought it boasted everything I could possibly need as a bona fide cycling tragic.

Then Albert A sent me the link, below.

Veloviewer. Raceshape. Heatmap and plenty more. Wow. So many new ways to slice, dice and julienne my ride data. What little spare time I had between working, sleeping, writing and riding has no chance now. I feel more like a Team Sky rider every day. Just a lot shitter.




4 thoughts on “When Strava just isn’t enough

  1. Just what the doctor ordered. More Analysis….. Now if that would only make the legs turn bigger gears a lot faster (IMMEDIATELY) then that would be great!

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