Things cyclists hate #9: Road Markings

Okay, so that’s not entirely true. We don’t hate white lines. Most of the time we’re actually quite grateful for them being there. However, when our rear wheel slides out from underneath us on contact with one, condemning us to 20 metres of brutal bitumen exfoliation, we loathe them even more than a tropical-flavoured energy gel. Ouch.

6 thoughts on “Things cyclists hate #9: Road Markings

  1. Why is that rider going so fast on a suburban street on a wet road? I really wonder sometimes if there should be a minimum IQ for cyclists.

  2. The video makes it look faster than it really was. Speed was not the issue, loss of traction on painted white lines caused the fall.

    On a side note, the black paint SOPA uses to mask the road markings used by the V8 race are even deadlier in the wet for they are slipperier and invisible.

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