A metre matters

The Amy Gillett Foundation is calling for action to amend the Australian Road Rules to legislate that drivers allow a minimum of 1 metre when overtaking bike riders on the road.

Carbon Addiction is wholeheartedly behind this important safety campaign. If you haven’t signed up your support as yet, please do. For all of our sake’s. Just click the link.


A metre matters



3 thoughts on “A metre matters

  1. Obviously I support this – But I really won’t feel ANY safer on the roads with this in place. Why do people think the drivers who wouldn’t give at least a metre berth around cyclists already will change their habits unless there is a policeman around?

    1. You’re probably right mate, sadly. But you have to start somewhere. Like most of these issues, it’s possibly a generational thing. Maybe in 30 years Australia will be more like Europe, we can only hope.

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