Cadel Evans, exposed

Things were going so well for Cadel. But now he’s turned to the dark side too. At least the black ones don’t look quite as comedic as the white version used by Blanco. But still, I’m gutted. Forget doping. Stopping the proliferation of these ridiculous looking helmets should be priority #1 for the UCI. What kind of message are we sending to our kids???!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Cadel Evans, exposed

  1. Pete would this be a good time (without stretching the friendship) to say that they are growing on me. Not literally though…
    At least one could go from the Saturday bike race straight to the skate park on the way home.

  2. at least it means I would not have to wear a layer (buff headwear) under the helmet anymore. I get sunburnt through my helmet slots in the midday Australian sun.

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