Things Cyclists Hate #5: BIKE PATHS

“You don’t ride on bike paths, do you?”

I thought the guy, a seasoned cyclist, was pulling my seatpost. But he was dead serious. And, as it turns out, dead right too.

Shared path sign edited_400px

Somewhat paradoxically, bike paths are one of the most dangerous places you can actually ride a bike. Unless you enjoy running a gauntlet of dogs, walkers, joggers, kids on scooters and ill-placed street furniture, it can be tougher to stay upright than the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix. Throw in a bit of pre-dawn darkness as we’re experiencing right now, and it can be truly terrifying. I’ve written about it before, but it still amazes me how many early-morning walkers see zero need to wear lights or hi-vis vests. I’m sure if a cyclist was to collide with them, it would be all the rider’s fault of course.

Stay on the road. It’s safer.

3 thoughts on “Things Cyclists Hate #5: BIKE PATHS

  1. agree , but I am pretty sure the road code states that when there is a designated bike path cyclists must use it …..

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