Evans v Nibali? Nah, it’s all about Mammadov vs Sejko

It’s all happening in Europe this weekend. The Giro is really starting to hot up in Italy. But forget the titanic battles looming between Nibali and Evans, and the continued struggles of Sir Wiggo. No, by far the juiciest contests this weekend will be played out between Azerbaijan’s Farid Mammadov and Margarent Berger of Norway. And who could forget everyone’s favourite dark horses, Sdrain Liljaraj and Bledar Sejko of Albania? Those guys have more charisma than 1,000 Peter Sagans.

Yes folks, Malmo, Sweden is where it’s at right now, as the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest plays out in all its cheesy glory. Even the Aussie cyclist’s bestfriend, SBS, is right behind it. Use it as the perfect lead-out into their live Giro coverage…

One thought on “Evans v Nibali? Nah, it’s all about Mammadov vs Sejko

  1. The guitarist / singer looks like the love child of John Lennon and Ozzie Ozbourne! Bono on drums as well….

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