Things Cyclists Hate #4: NINJAS

Ninjas are so in right now. In fact, they even manage to get up the nose of cyclists, according to Elliott.

ninja bike

Top of his hate list is the Bike Ninja and their close cousin, the Shanks Pony Ninja (aka, a Walker). Both appear quite suddenly and without warning out of the dark. They are the closely related to the iPed and iMotorist, both of whom exhibit only partial control over their direction whilst updating their Facebook pages with such pith as “Stuck in traffic”. The only difference is the amount of damage that they can cause.

On something of roll Elliott also mentions dogs on retractable leashes, similar to the iPed in that they too see little need to pay any attention to their direction.

And finally, Elliott risks eternal damnation by daring to expose The Priests. Those who are quick to judge and point to what is right and good but underneath lurks one happy to bend the rules for their own entertainment.

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