Things Cyclists Hate #3: The Cowardly Horn Honker


I think it’s fair to say that this one we hate, but also love a bit.

You know. The holier than thou, horn honking, get-off-the-road type driver who who’s full of bravado from the safety of his/her metal cocoon.

But then in a wonderful piece of RTA karma has to stop at the next set of traffic lights, no doubt to their considerable horror, and as the peloton bares down suddenly becomes very quiet indeed.

We may look a bit wussy in Lycra. But when there’s 25 of us…..

Suggestion from Chris N. Thanks mate.


4 thoughts on “Things Cyclists Hate #3: The Cowardly Horn Honker

  1. reminds me of the time a cabbie pulled a left turn from the right lane straight in front of me. I managed to pull up in time and give the passenger side windo a good whack. He stopped and got out to give me a blasting…only to realise there were another 6 guys with me. He was suddenly apologetic. Funny that

  2. On Sunday riding down to Sutherland we had a honker behind us. The driver then passed before pulling over to the left to park. His daughter then got out of the car to affix L plates….I guess this is how you learn to be an as#hole driver.

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