Fog bonking

One of the weirder rides this morning for me. Firstly, as anyone who rode in Sydney before 9am will vouch, it was a tad foggy. Pea soup, I think, is the technical term for it. In fact, it was so eerily foggy at 5:30am when I started out from home I completely missed two turnoffs – on a ride I’ve done several times before. One required a quick 180 degree turn. No damage done. The other, however, saw me miss out on one of Sydney’s more enjoyable downhill blasts to Silverwater Bridge. Curse you Marsden Road.

To make matters worse, it was about this time – still 15km from home or so – I started to notice the first tell-tale signs of bonking. I knew what was happening. I needed food, sugar – anything. But I had zilch left. Nor did I have any money on me (I know, stupid, especially on a solo ride). So bonk I did. Powerless to prevent my average speed from nosediving, right at the time on a ride where it usually soars, I limped home at about 15km/h. I think a 5-year old on a scooter even passed me at one stage.

Like most, I’ve bonked a few times before. But never like this. For one thing, my eyesight went funny for about 15 minutes which was no fun at all in the morning fog. I was also having hallucinations about food. Seriously, I was.

Eventually I made it home on auxillary-powered auto-pilot and crammed as much food into me as I could. It helped a bit. But as I write this nearly four hours on, I still feel heavily fatigued by the whole thing. At least I can see again, though!

Fog bonking. Not recommended. 1 star.


13 thoughts on “Fog bonking

  1. hope you’re feeling better now. Not good – especially when by yourself. Can be a good idea to just sit by the road for 10 minutes when this happens – and then limp home.

  2. I reckon visibility was down to 10 metres at one point early on. I missed a number of turns on a route that I’ve done scores of times.

    Hope you’re feeling better today Pete!

  3. Pete – could have been a good story for the old rag “forum” (at least I think that is what it was called). You could have told us that you were so weak you stopped by a apartment where a recent Penthouse Miss March was out on her balcony and wearing just a skimpy robe. You bashfully asked her for some sugar, she invited you in and the next thing you remember is waking up in bed next to her feeling much better…… Now that would be a “bonking” story.
    Good to hear you got home safely – and have learnt a valuable lesson – always carry more gels/bars than you think you need.

  4. Every hour Pete as Mr Sunderland says you should eat something small like a muesli bar etc. And even when not thirsty at least 1 x bottle per hour of water. Its pretty spot on as any less and I am a little worse for it….

  5. Hey Pete, please don’t tell me you rode solo down Pennant Hills Road in the fog! That would be insanity!

  6. Hi Pete, suggest you learn and use the back way to Bobbo via Brown’s Waterhole and Kissing Point Road. Much quieter, much safer and some challenging pinches.

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