5 thoughts on “Magnets for change

    1. I’m not so sure mate. Because they won’t even know it’s there straight away, they’ll probably read it when they’re in a calmer state of mind than when behind the wheel of their car and, as a result, probably think about it a whole lot more.

      1. Agree to disagree 🙂

        I can imagine they would finally notice someone had f**ked with their car (regardless of there being no damage, people hate when others mess with their car….), then proceed to stew over the fact that the a-hole cyclist thought that he even had a right on ‘Their’ road, then proceeding to tell everyone about this a-hole cyclist that put a magnet on their car… “the nerve!”

        Then next time they’re on the road – instant enemies with all cyclists…….

        (I’m sleep deprived and rambling…apologies..)

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