Love a challenge

Strava challenges. Love joining them. Almost never complete them. But that’s not the point, is it?

Sometimes it’s just good to be part of something bigger than your local bunch ride. Even if busting your backside only places you 543,567th place on the leader board.

One of the greatest things about these challenges, of course, is they reveal the truly hard core nutters who roll amongst us, usually under the veil of early morning anonymity. Whilst we all push ourselves to the brink of collapse, and divorce, to cover 1,500km in a month and earn a cyber badge (whoo-hoo!), some cheeky bastard in Guatemala rides the required distance in a few days, effectively lapping us twenty seven times. I hate you Emilio Acquiliano, whoever you are.

Yes, for the vast majority of us mere mortals, there’s very little to be gained from Strava challenges. Except more brand equity for Strava, of course, which they’ll cash in one day when Google or Apple buys them out.

But this won’t stop us from joining the next one. 😉

Strava challenges
The two latest challenges I’ve joined with absolutely no chance of completing…

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