The other thing Belgians are famous for

Milan San-Remo is done and dusted for another year. Which means it’s on to the Belgian Classics now for the next 5 weeks or so. It all kicks off with Dwars door Vlaanderen tomorrow, and culminates with Liège-Bastogne-Liège on 21 April.

Inspired by this, I thought we might take a look at something else Belgium is famous for over the next month, starting with the fine specimen below.

Leffe. One of the more mainstream brands of Abbey beers. Not that you’d know from the price. Expensive. Strong. Lovely. Just don’t drink too many the night before a big ride. Available in several flavours including Blonde, Triple, Brune and Radiuese. Mmmmmm.


PS. I have long list of other beers ready to go, but please feel very free to nominate other Belgian drops worthy of mention – the more obscure the better…



6 thoughts on “The other thing Belgians are famous for

  1. Or an Amber Ale called ‘Palm Speciale’! I will leave that one to the imagination as you may choose to moderate any lonely thoughts!!

  2. Hi Peter, Expensive? You can pick up a four pack at many French supermarkets for maybe 6 euro! That’s cheaper than bottled water!

  3. Glenhaven cellars in the hills will become your besty, $50 a case for leffe, hoegarden and many other Belgian ales

    Track down kasteel for the best Belgian beer if not the best in the world. Obscure and true to format!

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