Pozzatto – happiest 2nd place getter ever?

I  was killing time whilst burning my dinner on the stove the other night and happened upon Eurosports showing highlights of the Roma Maxima road race held for the first time last Sunday.

The race itself featured plenty of big names, aside from those competing at Paris-Nice, and was won in a bold solo attack launched up the final cobbled climb (20km from the finish) by Blel Kadri, of Ag2r-La Mondiale.

Yes! Second!! Whoo-hoo!
Yes! Second!! Whoo-hoo!

It was a fine win. But the most memorable thing was the behaviour of the rider who finished second, Filippo Pozzato. With no race radios allowed in UCI Europe Tour level races in 2013, the riders had to rely on the official motorbike blackboard and their own teams for race information. And somehow, as Pozzatto and pals slowly but surely reeled in the remnants of the day’s early breakaway, they lost count. For they didn’t realise Mr Kadri was still 37 seconds up ahead taking the bouquets and UCI points.

Pozzatto genuinely thought he’d won, and put on one of the more extravagant second place celebrations seen in some years. Afterwards he seemed a little sheepish. But I guess this is how it used to be in the good old days when you couldn’t simply rely on technology. Of course, after 180km of hard racing, your maths isn’t likely to be as good as it normally is. Besides, who’d have thought anyone from Ag2r-La Mondiale would win a race so early in the season?

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