First world (cycling) problems

I was rolling along the other day, listening to a slight grinding noise coming from my rear cassette. And I’m not going to lie. It was pissing me off.

I mean, I spent a lot of clams on that thing to not make noise. Like the kids in a 1920s classroom, I want it to be completely silent, except when I’m freewheeling, of course. In other words 100% pure stealth. Yet with every pedal stroke all I could hear was grind, grind, grind. It was driving me crazier than a Cipollini skin-suit.

Then I had something of an epiphany. For right there, on the nondescript potholed roads of Meadowbank, it occurred to me that if an ever-so-slightly squeaky cluster can upset me so much, well, I really needed to scull down a big coffee mug of perspective. Urgently.

This realisation got me wondering. What other problems affect first-world cyclists?

A loose thread on a new pair of gloves or knicks? Too much Gatorade powder in your bidon. Or perhaps not enough? A miniscule paint chip on your frame? A faulty heart-rate monitor? An out-of-date energy gel? A flat tyre in the middle of a spectacular national park?

These things happen. Often. But life goes on. Wheels keep turning.

Yeah, we’re pretty lucky, alright.





2 thoughts on “First world (cycling) problems

  1. Well said Pete. I have just now come back from a sunset ride through Bobbin Head – absolutely beautiful. Was complaining about the traffic on the way out there. Guess I needed one of your mugs of perspective

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