Club Envy

There are cycling clubs. And then there are cycling clubs. I’ve experienced several different clubs in the last couple of years, and whilst all share a genuine passion for the bike, some just do it a whole lot better. My club, LACC, is pretty good, especially in the juniors. As is typically the case in amateur sporting clubs, this is driven by the tireless dedication of a handful of people. I won’t name them here, but they know who they are. Thank you to them all.

At a senior level I’m yet to come across anyone (first hand) to rival the slick organisation of Waratahs CC in Sydney. These guys race every Sunday am, with big fields, good prizes and a great spirit. Somewhat ironically for a veterans club, they’ve wholeheartedly embraced digital technology too. Everything is online almost immediately via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and their club website – results, performance reports, gradings, race photos, videos of the finishes etc – it’s impressive stuff. Then again, I guess when half your members are retired or semi-retired you do have a little more time to get your act together each week!

However, as good as the ‘tahs are, I’m reliably informed by one riding acquaintance there’s another amateur Aussie cycling club out there that’s even better. Located on the other side of the continent you will find South Perth Rouleurs.

They even made their logo green, for us all to envy.

It’s not so much the cosmetic appearance of their club that makes them impressive (my first impression of their website was that it’s actually a bit dreary – surely someone in your club is a graphic designer, guys?). But the sheer thoroughness and supreme organisation of content these guys put out must be seen to be believed. Check out their links and you’ll get the idea.

I have no plans to move across the Nallarbor right now. But if I ever do, these are the first guys I’ll be contacting. I’m sure I’d be in good company. Very good.

Article idea from Chris N.

7 thoughts on “Club Envy

  1. Pete – I have ridden with these guys on several occasions when in Perth and they are well organised and welcoming. They do a number of rides and each one is well documented in regard to distance/effort/pace/etc. They meet just across the river from the CBD so if you are in the city for business easy to get there for a ride.

  2. Hi, I am lucky enough to belong to SPR, they are a fabulous club, with a massive range from the beginners riding in normal shoes through to those who have represented Australia. We also have a member who owns a dome in the city so we always have a welcoming coffee shop too, it’s great. Our president and committee are really dedicated.
    I’m about to move over to Melbourne inner east, is there something that compares to SPR in Melbourne ?

    1. Great to hear from you Claire. I’m a Sydney boy myself, but pretty sure someone out there will know a thing or two about the clubs in Melbourne. Anyone?

      1. Claire – try Simon Coffin and his team at Total Rush in Richmond or Adrian at The Freedom Machine in Port Melbourne. Both run professional shops and organised rides and are into the Melbourne racing activities. I am sure they will point you in the right direction. Both have also been big supporters over the years of the cycling charity “Chain Reaction” that I have involvement in.
        If all else fails just hit Beach Road on Saturday or Sunday morning and hook onto a group going at your pace.

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