BOOK REVIEW: Mid-Life Cyclists

If, like me, you love reading about cycling almost as much as doing it, you can do far worse than download an ebook I stumbled upon the other day: “Mid life cyclists”. Easy to read, and full of wry moments, I actually thought the co-authors (one a middle aged Northern Beaches boy who married a Flemish girl, the other a middle aged Pom) were writing about me, it was just so easy to relate to their stories, experiences and motivations. From how they first got into cycling, to staying ahead of the broom wagon on their first L’Etape, to dodging King Cobras (and traffic) in Hong Kong, their plans to complete the entire 2013 TDF route in 21 days, and even mentions of familiar places like North Head and McCarrs Creek, if you’re over 30 and ride a bike, I’m pretty sure you’ll love this. I did.



Mid-Life Cyclist can be downloaded from iTunes for $7.99.

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