Keeping everyone in line

I’d been biting my tongue all morning. But on lap 4, enough was enough. Some clown from a club I won’t mention (although it starts with ‘P’ and ends with ‘rith’) decided he’d sit in the middle of a 70-rider bunch and overlap wheels pretty much the whole way. I wasn’t rude about it, I simply suggested he tried a bit harder to control his speed and stay in the line like the rest of us. For everyone’s safety, his own included.

“I know how to ride!” he shot back way too defensively. Congratulations buddy. So does my 5-year old son.

“So you should know better then,” I replied, perhaps foolishly as he was about 40kg bigger than me. Whether he got the message or not I can’t be sure, because he shot away pretty much immediately after this exchange and I never saw him again. Hopefully he did, even if his pride took a hit at being called up on a rudimentary cycling faux pas. What was I supposed to do? I was a club-kit wearing rider on a club sanctioned ride. And he was clearly riding dangerously. We all have kids and jobs pal. And, yes, expensive bikes too. No-one wants to start their day with a crash. Dare I say, not even you.

Like to overlap wheels? Then I hope you like the taste of asphalt...
Like to overlap wheels? Then I hope you like the taste of asphalt…

The moral to this story? If you’re going to roll with another club, that’s awesome. But roll by their rules. And always roll safely. Either that, or go ride on your own somewhere else…

If by some chance you’re reading this buddy, click on the link. You might learn something.

2 thoughts on “Keeping everyone in line

  1. Pete,

    Good effort, and I wish more LACC’ers did the same. It’s up to LACC club members to enforce the rules, and others to back them up. If the clown shoots back, and 4 others back you…..there’s no problem.

    I actually recall when I first started training at homebush many years ago, a rider let me know something I was doing wrong in the bunch. After the ride, I made a point to find him and thank him for the advice. He was grateful I said thanks, and mentioned that most people swear back at you rather then take it in the spirit it is suggested.

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