Armchair Rider’s Guide: 2013 National Championships Day 4

Like most, I woke this morning thinking today’s race would be another GreenEDGE-fest. Only question was, which one of their 10,000 riders (or so) would it be? Well, it looked for a long while their best shot would be TT winner from Wednesday, Luke Durbridge, off the front pretty much from the get go, where he stayed for the entire day in the major break of the race. Bernie Sulzberger kept him company for most of the way, until even he couldn’t keep up. And then suddenly it began to dawn that, not dissimilar to a Cancellara performance, he wasn’t going to stop. In the end the chasing bunch, packed with European pro stars, simply couldn’t catch him. Durbo was on song and had a day – no, week – he wont soon forget. At just 21, the world is his oyster. He could be anything. Hopefully he keeps his headset screwed on.


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