A ride with friends

Just to balance out the previous post about road rage….

Went for a ride this (glorious) morning, out at Eastern Creek, with 198 fellow riders for the annual Waratahs Vets Tempo Cup and “friendship lap”. It was the biggest single bunch I’ve ever ridden in. Among other things, the sound of so many tyres together on the same stretch of tarmac was pretty awesome. Same goes for the mass “clip in”.

Riding caps off to the Waratahs. These guys really do it well. Big fields all year. Great racing. Good spirit. Super organised. I’m not a member, but I admire what they do. Thanks for having me along for the ride in 2012 guys. Just wish I could have taken a few more of your prizes along the way!

Waratahs at Eastern Creek. Always a pleasure.
(Photo: Ernie Smith Photography)

Waratahs Masters Website


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