What your coffee says about you

It’s Saturday morning. With any luck you’ve already been out for a gloriously succesful ride and, equally as importantly, a well deserved post-spin coffee. But what coffee did you choose? And what does that choice reveal about you?


Short black – You’re likely to be a traditionalist. Your favourite bike is Italian. You own at least one steel framed bike too, but possibly never ride it. Campagnolo.

Long black – Lactose intolerant, unlikely to wear white knicks. Ever.

Double shot – Super hard core, self-professed keeper of Rule #5. Likely to wear black everything. Wife almost certainly wears the pants at home.

Weak Soy Latte – Super hard core, due to the barrage of sledging likely be thrown their way. Unflappable.

Cappuccino – Newbie or possibly a grey nomad. Give them a break, and some space on tight corners.

Flat white – Gen X, likely to have plenty of money and a nice bike, but less of a clue.

Hot chocolate – Sook, check for training wheels.

Tea – Ex-pat Pom who loves talking about Wiggo, Cav, the Ashes and something meaningless that happened in 1966. Remind them the brains trust for UK cycling programs are mostly Australians.

Iced Coffee – Sook.

Milkshake – See Weak Soy Latte, has a hide as thick as an elephant, or a junior.

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