Dopey C-Graders

If you’re in Sydney you may have seen this article (link below) by Rupert Guinness in today’s paper. A senior club official basically suggesting there are club riders doping right down to C-grade level. For what it’s worth I reckon he’s spot on, it might even run to D-grade. And I don’t just mean caffeine and ibuprofen.


I know as amateurs there are a lot of extraneous factors that can dramatically affect our form week to week – work, family, stress, diet, a new bike etc – but some of the things I’ve seen at weekend crits have, well let’s just say “surprised” me. That said, can’t envisage seeing wee wee testers lobbing in at Eastern Creek or Horsely Park any time soon…..

3 thoughts on “Dopey C-Graders

  1. While the world speaks openly (with the exclusion of a multiple Tour winner), I’d like to add the rumours that I’ve heard about the presence of doping in the club racing scene. I have no proof, but hearing it from various people, it did make me wonder. Sad that potential C-Graders have been in the cross hairs, seriously man, what the hell has this great sport come to?!?!?!? The word tragic comes to mind. It reminds me of people of all ages that want a ‘get thin quick’ solution, without wanting to do the physical calorie burn, just like these C-Graders who have 9-5 jobs, don’t train as much as they’d like, but are obsessed about a podium at the next local amateur crit, at any cost. Sad, but clearly true, as the article states.

    1. Get rich quick. Get thin quick. Get fast quick. Really good observation mate. Why work hard when you can finish a few places higher simply by popping a pill or two???!

      1. Too true @ petrakim! At the end of the day, they have to live with their consciences, while I sleep well at night with a real sense of achievement & not something I got handed in a “lunch bag” – as quote by Tyler Hamilton, referring to a packaged dope supply on 4 Corners ABC1.

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