Like many, Lance Armstrong inspired me back in the 90s. I bought his books. I followed his career. And his remarkable fight back against testicular cancer. But today, with the public release of the 208-page USADA report, I can’t help but feel cheated. Not so much by his doping. Everyone was doing that. But because of his sheer brazenness and unyielding hypocrisy over the years. Read it and weep my fellow cyclists. Not with sadness. But joy. For maybe just maybe this will force the UCI to finally clean up its act.

3 thoughts on “Lanced………

  1. It is sad to see – hopefully he does eventually own up to his misdeeds….would at least show he has some courage.
    Also – have a look at Tyler Hamilton’s book (if you haven’t already). Gives a great insight into what happened!

  2. I feel a little like a kid would, when his dad disappoints him. He has always looked up to this person of strength, great character & perseverance, then this image comes crumbling down in no time at all. I am sad.

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